Paper Weight and Conversion to Gsm

What does “Paper Weight” mean?

In the printing industry, the term “paper weight” is used to refer to the thickness of a paper stock. There are multiple ways to quantify paper thickness, including the following units of measurement: mm (caliper), pounds, point, and gsm. In the U.S., paper is most often measured using lbs (pounds, or #) and cover stock is most often measured using pt (point). Overseas, the most common unit of measurement is gsm, which refers to grams per square meter.

We offer a wide range of paper and cover material thicknesses, and our stocks primarily are evaluated using gsm.

For easy reference, below please find a guide for converting other material thickness units to gsm.

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Material Weight Charts

Text Papers

Coated Paper Stocks:

60 gsm 40 lb
70 gsm 45 lb
80 gsm 55 lb
90 gsm 60 lb
95 gsm 65 lb
105 gsm 70 lb
115 gsm 75 lb
128 gsm 85 lb
140 gsm 95 lb
157 gsm 105 lb
200 gsm
135 lb

Uncoated Paper Stocks:

60 gsm 40 lb
70 gsm 45 lb
80 gsm 55 lb
100 gsm 65 lb
120 gsm 80 lb
140 gsm 95 lb
160 gsm 105 lb
180 gsm
120 lb
200 gsm
135 lb

Cover Stock

C1S, C2S, and Uncoated Artcards:

210 gsm 9 pt
230 gsm / 250 gsm 10 pt
250 gsm / 260 gsm 12 pt
300 gsm / 310 gsm
14 pt
350 gsm / 360 gsm
16 pt
400 gsm
18 pt

Note: these conversions are approximate, and the comparable stocks listed above may not be an exact match.

Different stock types, brands, and millings also have variance.

Text Paper Quick Conversion Formula:     GSM / 1.5 = LBS     or      LBS x 1.5 = GSM

What is GSM?

GSM, or Grams per Square Meter, is a unit of measure used to quantify material thickness. Gsm is based on evaluating the weight in grams of a square meter area of material. In other words, if you were to take a square meter piece of material and weigh it, that weight of 1 square mater of material would be the gsm measurement of that material. When comparing two different thicknesses of the same type of material, a square meter of the thicker material would weigh more and would thereby have a higher gsm measurement.