About Us

Our Story

With more than forty years experience in the printing and manufacturing industry, Global PSD stands at the forefront of merging quality high-end design, development, printing, manufacturing, assembly, and sourcing under one roof. As a one-stop house, we are dedicated to integrating all aspects of production, from the conceptual stages through assembly and manufacturing.

Our absolute commitment to service, quality, and craftsmanship together with the assurance that we will meet your schedule and price, has put us in the forefront of the marketplace. Working with a prestigious client base that includes many Fortune 500 companies, the worldwide publishing community, and a wide variety of specialty markets, we have garnered accolades such as Literary Market Place Awards, BEA Best of Small Press, Gold Ink Awards, and Benjamin Franklin Awards, to name a few.

Mission Statement

To develop, design, source, print, manufacture, assemble, and deliver the most cost-effective and visually compelling products in the world, consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. Global PSD consolidates the technical, practical, and creative aspects of your idea, assigning each project individual attention so that it may reach you, our client, on budget and on time.

“Customer Service” is not just a department, it’s our culture, and is built around open and continuous communication, 24/7. Our extensive production and quality control teams working in Hong Kong and China are some of the best and most experienced in the industry. Our customer service and logistics teams ensure that you receive your product on time anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Global PSD

Our strategic partnerships with local paper mills and material suppliers allow us to offer extremely competitive pricing relative to competitors, and our experienced production team also allows us to manufacture projects with increased efficiency.
We are more than just cost competitive. We pride ourselves in the caliber and consistency of our award-winning manufacturing. Using the highest grade papers, inks and finishes paired with premium printing and paper engineering, we create a final product that achieves and exceeds your expectations. 

Meanwhile, our quality assurance and control teams monitor your project at every step to ensure that the final product we deliver meets with the high standards we and our clients set forth. The size of the project has no bearing on the attention to detail given, as to us every product should be of award-winning caliber.

Customer Support & Worldwide Presence
No matter your time zone or country, our team is available for consultation and support on your project. We have offices worldwide ready to respond to your requests and correspondences.* 

As your project moves forward, our customer support team will provide updates in tandem with our production team, keeping you informed with progress updates.

*If you do not hear back from our team promptly, please be sure to check your spam/junk inbox!
Due to the high amount of security that some ISP’s are providing, please always check your spam inbox in case any correspondences regarding your project has been filtered.

Schedule & Full Service Logistics
Schedule is one of the most important elements to a project’s success. Based on the needs of each project, we structure the most efficient timeline from files-in to final delivery, whether it’s being shipped to a single location or to multiple locations worldwide.

We also know that getting your project from point A to point B can have a lot of moving parts and be daunting and expensive to coordinate on your own. This is why Global PSD has an entire department dedicated to handling every aspect of your project’s shipping – including ocean freight, insurance, customs clearance, and final delivery.

We take care of everything from door to door.

Environmentally Conscious
Global PSD is partnered with American Forests and the Global ReLeaf to replant 2 trees per ton of paper used in the manufacturing of our products.

We also use sustainable trees specifically grown on tree farms called pulp trees in our manufacturing and do our best to add in a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content. We can all help to offset our carbon footprint.

We also offer FSC Certified and recycled papers, phthalate-free laminations and plastics, soy inks, and other non-toxic manufacturing components and practices.

Socially Responsible
Global PSD follows and maintains the highest ethical standards in our factories and offices. Our long-term international staff have been with our company for years to decades and are valued/cherished members of the Global PSD team. 

We are Disney, Marvel, and Target approved, as well as are ISO9000, ISO9001, and ICTI Certified. We maintain and are compliant with all child labor laws and factory worker standards. We also offer complete safety testing for your products with certificate, including but not limited to CPSIA, ASTM, Prop 65, and FDA.

Experienced Craftsmanship
We take great pride in being able to offer our decades of experience and craftsmanship to suggest features and ways to fine tune your project and help it reach its full potential. Whether you need support on the beginning steps like material and finish choices or want to learn more about the wide variety of the special features available to make your project unique, our team is here to advise and help make your project a reality.

Green Initiatives

With climate change being at the forefront of challenges that the world will face this century, we offer our clients many eco-friendly programs and options that help reduce the manufacturing carbon footprint and promote a greener, healthier planet.


Global PSD uses pulp trees grown on tree farms for our paper products, which are trees specifically planted for paper manufacturing. Pulp trees grow extremely quickly and efficiently, and the use of these trees avoids the felling of any naturally-growing trees and the resulting deforestation.

Global PSD has also partnered with American Forests, the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizens’ conservation organization and a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration. Tree planting is recognized as an effective element of the climate change solution, and is one that carries benefits beyond simple carbon sequestration. Through American Forests’ Plant-A-Tree program, Global PSD replants 17 trees for every ton of paper used to create one of our [client’s] projects.

Global Re-Leaf

Meanwhile, Global ReLeaf is American Forests’ education and action program that helps individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations improve the local and global environment by planting and caring for trees. It is our goal to contribute to global reforestation in new Global ReLeaf projects across the country and the globe.

Soy Inks

As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy ink is an environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe approach to printing that takes only a small amount of energy to make.

Because soy ink has very low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), using this type of ink can also help with air pollution and consumer health by minimizing emissions.

Soy ink is also a helpful component in the paper recycling process because it can be removed more easily out of paper during the de-inking process of recycling compared to regular ink. This allows the recycled paper to have less damage to its paper fibers and have a brighter appearance.

Recycled Paper

Global PSD offers post-consumer recycled paper for all projects, as well as FSC certified paper components.

Phthalate-free Laminations & Water-based Varnishes

At Global PSD, we use phthalate-free laminations to avoid contaminating our environment with diethyl phthalate, a synthetic substance commonly used to make plastics more flexible.

Additionally, we also promote the use of water-based varnishes, which do not contain any toxic additives found in traditional varnishes, such as acrylic.