You have an idea for a book, and you want it to reach a worldwide marketplace. Global PSD can produce and package your vision into a multidimensional array of products: coffee-table volumes, oversized editions, duotone fine art presswork, engineered paper designs, gift and stationery packages, cards and theme-based decks, “book plus” and keepsake companion items, and injection-molded plastics are just a sampling of the scope of complementary products that begin the triad of Global PSD’s dedicated client services.

As print specialists with a background in numerous acclaimed projects, Global PSD assigns a high-level of personal attention to every assignment we undertake. And our printing capabilities run the gamut from traditional film to cutting-edge direct-to-plate to stochastic printing, working with both PC and Mac based platforms.
We offer both digital and press-proofing systems, so you can review your project at every stage.

We are a full-service manufacturer, with state of the art pre-press, bindery and a hand-labor staff based in Guangzhou, with offices in Hong Kong, Ningbo and Shanghai. Our extensive production and quality control teams working throughout Asia are some of the best and most experienced in the industry. No project goes unsupervised at any stage, from materials-in, to final departure and delivery.