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Book Packaging

In the industry, this term encompasses two different, but related, ideas:

Book “packaging” can mean being hired by a publisher to be the all-in-one agent for idea-to-delivery of finished books. The main reason publishing houses do so is for non-standard, labor-intensive books, that is, anything other than a text-only book by a single author. Books that are highly illustrated or elaborately designed or incorporate non-print materials, such as CDs, DVDs, game pieces, or other merchandise, are beyond the ken of most publishers.

The other meaning is that we get an original idea for a project and put together a “package” with writers, editors, and/or designers for which we will act as a representative to a publisher, who will contract with us for the delivery of a manuscript, a finished design, or even the manufacture of physical books, which will appear under their imprint.

We are equipped to devote the time, energy and focus to bring both of these kinds of projects to fruition—at the highest level of professionalism and quality.